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080 safranbolu 17. 5. 2007

What a very good idea`s do those ODTU people have! Going to the Black Sea Coast has always been one of my biggest dreams, just as Safranbolu. And now we are just there, wauw! Of course the Dutch people were being late again this morning, we strict Czech people first had some problems, but we forgave them. In the bus things became better and better. The surroundings turned from fake Turkish green to real green, although the green fake plums tasted shitty. Unfortunately the famous Black Sea clouds appeared, ah well, they have their charms too. The most brilliant view of the day was the heavy metal industry we crossed, called something like Snow Iron. The brown grey colors were amazing, just as the happy faces of the workers. After this first highlight, the second one surely must have been the minibus ride to the center of Safranbolu. How 6 standing guys without any grip move when a very bad driver drives the bus is fascinating. And ah well, then there were some Ottoman houses. You know, German houses, but then with Turks living there. The only difference is that Turks ask money after showing their house. Not all Turks are bad people of course. Like the two women for example, who were surprised by 6 foreigners just drinking beer in the city center, one of them actually speaking Turkish well. Time for some talking, tasting Turkish delight, visiting panorama views with free drinks and as highlight a dark graveyard with fearing frogs and fake planes. That really compensated the absence of Iskender Kebap. And that we were not allowed to drink beer on the streets by the police came fortunately on the and of the evening. Problem yok.

Zo Ruud en nu even voor jou: dat ik dit nu schrijf in plaats van jij moet natuurlijk pijn doen. En terecht. Je zit natuurlijk helemaal op de verkeerde plaats. Net na je vertrek is het echt goed weer geworden, lopen de meisjes in korte rokjes en smaken de waterpijpen zoeter dan ooit.  Ach, je moet het maar niet persoonlijk opvatten. Jij kunt er ook niks aan doen natuurlijk. Anyway, ik hoop dat je stiekem met warme gevoelens terugkijkt aan de fijne tijd die je in Turkije hebt gehad. Eet je kebap in het vervolg met trots en vergeet de ayran niet. Sterkte jongen.

Jurek (NL) 

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