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082 amasra 19. 5. 2007

Úvodem bych chtěl napsat, že tato reportáž vznikala jako zajímavá hra. Každý zúčastněných napsal pár vět, přičemž nevěděl na co reaguje.

It was a very interesting start of this day. After this highlight it was time for a split up. Somehow we had the idea that hitchhiking might work better in couples then in a group of six people. Yes it was big luck. I had a dream about a car full of oranges. That’s why there were hardly any cars on the road? Bad luck. We are drinking also Turkish beer. It is not the best but good, place is nice. And I was very crazy of it. And that’s exactly what’s wrong with the people of present day: they don’t try hard enough. I think that the Black sea area is the best place in Turkey, people are here the best. But anyway, it was good because we caught the real American truck made in Turkey. But who cares anyway? The sun is shining, everything is way too green and the children look hysterically happy. Really, I hate hitchhiking, but here it is cool. We met very interesting people.

Maar uiteindelijk blijkt het weer eens allemaal gelul te zijn? Een beetje jammer… Than we have to wait and wait and wait. It was a very waiting afternoon… Nouja? Welterusten dan maar.

The end.

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